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Berluti pour Krug

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  • A collaboration forged in craftsmanship, the Adventures in Style collection did not come about by chance. Each born in the 19th century, Berluti and Krug share a refined maverick spirit and an obsession with detail.

    Three years into their collaboration, the connection between the Houses continues to grow. Krug and Berluti’s first creation, the Krug dark cherry patina, entered into the Parisian shoemaker’s permanent range of patinas and is available in Berluti stores upon request for both shoes and leather goods. In 2016, Berluti and Krug embarked on the next chapter of their collaboration with the creation of two exclusive, limited-edition bags: Short Journey and Long Journey.

    Restyling Berluti’s emblematic Un Jour briefcase, these dual-purpose bags are Champagne carriers for transporting bottles of Krug and Joseph glasses, or travel bags for carrying Berluti shoes. The small design, Short Journey, features three removable compartments in a bag supplied with a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée accompanied by two Joseph glasses. This small bag can also hold a pair of Berluti shoes and a shoe care kit. The large design, Long Journey, features six removable compartments in a bag supplied with a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée and one of Krug Rosé, accompanied by four Joseph glasses, also presented in a flannel pouch. This large-format bag can also hold up to three pairs of Berluti shoes.

    Today the collaboration continues with the creation of a new Wild Journey Backpack finished with the Krug patina. Now Krug and Berluti invite Krug Lovers everywhere to step off the beaten track and indulge their passion for adventure.

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