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Celebrating cars and cuisine with Zicasso’s Prestige & Passion of Italy getaway

From US$4,129 per person
  • Those with an affinity for equally exquisite cars and cuisine can have their appetites sated with bespoke travel specialist Zicasso’s new 10-day getaway,  Prestige & Passion of Italy: Celebrating 350 Years of Italian Racing Tradition. The experience unfolds within the country’s Emilia-Romagna region, where la dolce vita is defined by fine dining, and alternates between Bologna, Modena and Maranello. Already an epicurean epicenter, the area is also known as “Motor Valley," since it is home to some of the world’s most storied marques and their collective 350 years of innovative engineering.

    The dual-purpose pilgrimage includes two cooking classes, a day discovering the beauty of balsamic and Parmesan cheese, a primer on prosciutto and visits to the factories of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ducati and Pagani. But participants will not be limited to simply viewing the vehicles. The package features five test drives, including the opportunity to try a Ducati motorcycle (with an instructor), as well as cruise country roads and take to the track behind the wheel of the other exotic automakers’ machines (save Pagani).

    Priced from US$4,129 per person based on double occupancy, Zicasso’s automotive and epicurean odyssey can be further fine-tuned to taste. The package includes accommodations for nine nights, all classes, guided tours and a majority of meals.

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