Children Pampering Treatments at the Alila Villas, Soori, Bali

At Spa Alila at the Alila Villas Soori, the path to well-being is holistic and intuitive. Trained in anatomical physiology, massage, meditation and service, our local therapists combine the latest organic nutrition and health knowledge with warm, genuine care. At our luxurious spa villas in Bali, we put a contemporary spin on ancient Asian healing techniques, and age-old beauty recipes that feature the curative benefits of fresh, natural, quality ingredients. Indulge mind and body in a heartfelt and surprisingly different Bali luxury spa experience.

Now the little ones will be able to share and bond with mom & dad, where the signature treatments are tailor-made to help heal, nourish and relax active spirits. Range of spa treatments for the little ones: 45-minute Children’s Massage, 2-hour Seriously Spoilt (including fun footbath, back massage, mini facial and manicure), Princes manicure or pedicure, 20-minute Happy Hair (including hair bath, gentle scalp massage, cookies and chocolate milkshake)

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