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Dessert Degustation Menu at Mr Chew’s Chino Latino Bar

From RM60++ per person
  • “Interactive, playful, tantalising" are the three words to sum up the Mr Chew Chino Latino Bar & Restaurant’s 6-course dessert degustation experience. The one and only dessert bar in Kuala Lumpur, limited seats allow the chefs to interact with guests as they sit through the courses and also be able to see how each individual dessert is made, plated, and served. Mr Chew’s dessert bar is led by Pastry Chef Ivan Ong, who is also the brains behind the desserts at Troika Sky Dining’s Cantaloupe.

    Guests can opt for the tea pairing (RM60++) or booze pairing (RM95++). Starting off light and fresh, the Mixed Berries Honeycomb Sago Crisp is eaten in one mouthful and washed down with Jasmine & Rose Flower tea; or spiked with Ophir Gin for the booze pairing option.

    Kumquat Marshmallow topped with sea salt is to follow, paired with an Ice Lemon Tea Fizz; or with Umeshu. Going a little more heavy on the palate is the Tonka Bean Ice Cream Mochi with a
    surprising texture of chocolate popping candy inside to temporary travel your thoughts back to your childhood.

    The next course is designed a little more fun — Lotus Paste Puff with Teh Tarik Ice Cream and Espresso Foam, resembling Malaysia’s local favourite drink, cham. Ice cream is topped with puff flakes for
    added texture; additionally spiked with Shaoxing Wine 18 years. The lotus puff is smoked with hickory wood chips.

    Dessert number five is a tough choice — choose one dessert from the main menu: Banana Burrito, Dessert Tacos, Peanut Butter Parfait, Lychee Ice Kacang or Mint Ice Kacang. Finish off with Fermented Glutinous Rice Pudding with Ginger Tea Stones and Ginger Rice Wine for booze. Glutinous rice pudding is steamed and kept for seven days in a jar for the fermentation process to take place.

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