Indulge in a Digital Detox Ritual at Capella, Singapore

Auriga Spa at Capella is offering a detox ritual to help you rid radiation and negative energies accumulated through constant (read: excessive) electronic use. And aren’t we all guilty as charged.

After surrendering your digital devices (did you expect any less?), keep yourself occupied with the wet and dry facilities at the spa. A visit to the herbal steam room and icy pool will revitalise you right away. When ready to relax even further, a 30-minute body salt scrub and a 90-minute massage await. The former removes body radiation while ridding dead skin. Meanwhile, the latter focuses on easing upper body and head tension accumulated due to the prolonged use of devices.

You can continue your digital cleanse at the lounge with colouring books for adults, refreshments and herbal tea. Or hop over to the hotel’s designer kitchen, Chef’s Table, where a spread of afternoon tea is set to feed well.

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