Here’s How the Eastern and Oriental Express Fuses Old World Glamour and modern culinary adventures

The cherrywood compartments of this train service (operating between Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand) offers verdant scenery no other mode of transportation can rival. And as you lounge on soft furnishings of Thai silks and Malaysian embroideries, be pampered by your 24-hour steward as he plans bespoke excursions along historic stops like the royal town of Kuala Kangsar and the infamous River-Kwai Bridge at Kanchanaburi.

Taking slow travelling to new heights, the Eastern and Oriental Express has also announced a series of pop-up culinary collaborations for 2019. In partnership with the train’s executive chef Yannis Martineau, Singaporean pastry chef Janice Wong takes time off from launching dessert boutiques in Singapore, Tokyo and Macau to share her passion for sweets this 5 February. Playing with a multitude of colours, textures and flavours, Wong will invite her guests to join her in the world of ‘edible art’ during a chocolate painting workshop.

Then on 1 March, join chef Luke Mangan on a gastronomic adventure starting in Singapore. Led by the chef, take a culinary tour through specialty food markets and sample renowned street foods before boarding the train for a two-night journey to Bangkok. A leading figure in the Australian food scene, chef Mangan also owns and operates 19 restaurants worldwide.

Showing guests that there’s more to life than increasing its speed, visit to make your bookings or call 001 800 8392 3500 for reservations. Prices begin from USD 4,250 per passenger.



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