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Exotic Voyages’ 8D/7N Golden Route Japan itinerary

From US$2,433 per person
  • The Golden Route Japan is the most booked itineraries by Exotic Voyages in the country of the Rising Sun. The classical ways around Tokyo, Hakone and Kyoto gives the opportunities to see Japan at its best. Hakone with the iconic Fuji Mount which comes into countless pictures and literature, Kyoto the spirit city ready for a Shinto shrine hopping, and Tokyo a mix of all. Look Japan at your very first time? Look nowhere else!

    The capital city Tokyo with a fusion of high-tech and traditions, the relaxing Hakone with the iconic Mt. Fuji, and the spirit city of Kyoto make the best route to travel and experience for first-timers. Many interesting day tours are available as part of a customised itinerary.

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