A feast fit for the Year of the Dog at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur

Welcome the year of the Earth Dog with family, friends, and business associates over signature yee sang and other delectable festive menus at Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur. Embark on a delightful Oriental culinary journey meticulously prepared by Executive Chinese Chef Ricky Thein and his team from 8 January to 2 March 2018.

Join in the ritual of tossing yee sang for prosperity, good fortune, and health with five tasteful yee sang namely Abalone with assorted vegetables; Pan seared scallops and snow pear; Soft shell crab and snow pear; Salmon and assorted vegetable; and Assorted vegetables, shredded fruits in sesame dressings, available during lunch and dinner from RM98 to RM368 nett for half portion and full portion respectively. These signature yee sang creations are is also available for takeaway for those looking to celebrate at home.

For the festive season, Lai Po Heen offers three exquisite set menus namely Fortune, Prosperity and Wealth that are priced at RM288, RM388 and RM488 nett per person respectively. The Fortune and Prosperity menus require a minimum of four diners, while each dishes in the Wealth menu are individually plated and requires a minimum of two diners.

– Yee Sang with salmon and assorted vegetables
– Double-boiled abalone soup with Cordyceps bulb and sea treasures
– Steamed golden pomfret fish with onion and lime
– Roasted crispy soya chicken with onion ring serve in Thai sauce
– Stir fried prawns with coconut sauce
– Braised money bag filled with sea treasures and wok fried garden greens
– Wok fried fragrant firce cake with seafood in spicy chilli paste
– Sweetened soy milk with peach resin and Xuelian

– Yee Sang with pan seared scallop and snow pear
– Double-boiled fish maw soup with Wolfberries and Peruvian Maca
– Steamed Omega rich grouper with mushrooms and ham
– Oil poached cord fed chicken with lemongrass, ginger and onion dip
– Wok fried buttered prawns with almond and wheat flakes
– Lai Po Heen’s Chinese New Year “Fatt Choy” and sun-dried seafood pot
– Wrapping glutinous rice with scallop and waxed meat in lotus leaf
– Batter fried glutinous rice cakes and lemongrass jelly Aloe Vera

– Yee Sang with soft shell crab and snow pear
– Double-boiled Matsutake mushroom soup with sea treasures
– Roasted chicken wing with linseed and wild mushroom stuffing
– Wok fried lobster with lime and salted egg yolk paste
– Slow cooked six head whole abalone with quail egg and flower mushroom in superior oyster sauce
– Fried glutinous garlic rice with Chinese waxed meat, ham and dried scallop
– Double-boiled sweetened ginger tea with black sesame glutinous rice dumplings
– Chilled blueberry snow skin dumpling

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