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Fun for the whole family at AVANI Quy Nhon

From VND 4,919,000 per night
  • A blissfully laid-back beach destination on Vietnam’s central coast, AVANI Quy Nhon lends itself exceptionally well to the multi-generational travel concept. For extended families – from grandparents to toddlers and everyone in between – travelling this season, the resort in central Vietnam a family reunion and a much-needed break from school and work.

    AVANI Kids: From tai chi to cooking classes, AVANI Quy Nhon offers plenty of imaginative and stimulating activities for all ages. Teenagers will delight in exploring nearby sleepy villages by bicycle, paddling out into the turquoise bay in coracle boats and learning centuries-old fishing techniques from the locals. The resort’s private beach edged by dramatic rock formations with a wall of dense tropical jungle as backdrop sets the scene for an epic adventure.

    Parents: While grandparents babysit, parents will find refuge at AVANI Spa’s open air couples’ pavilion. With salty ocean breeze, blooming frangipani trees and cooing birds for company, days can be spent alternating between signature massages, herbal and coconut milk baths, Japanese sand sauna and rejuvenating facials. Tai chi, snorkeling, kayaking, horse riding and other active pursuits feature as well.

    Grandparents:  As the first sun paints the sky pink, grandparents can slip out on a spacious balcony and cosy up with a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee and a book saved for this very occasion. Guided meditation on the wooden spa deck or tai chi on the beach are followed by an introduction into Vietnamese herbs and their medicinal properties. With picturesque nooks and crannies scattered around the resort, one is guaranteed to find the perfect spot to put the feet and up and watch fishermen boats bobbing in the bay.

    Together Time: A short drive up the coastal road, the town of Quy Nhon is home to the Binh Dinh museum with countless artifacts and curiosities on display. Downtown, families can choose between exploring the towering ruins of ancient Champa temples, getting lost at the farmers’ market brimming with fresh produce and character and making a beeline for the legendary street food stalls – conversation fodder for days! Back at the resort, beach badminton and volleyball matches will make sure the appetites are whetted in time for a private sand-between-the-toes dinner of fresh seafood and tropical fruits.


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