Johnnie Walker And The Singleton proffer suggestions to ring in the year of the pig

Celebrating the Chinese New Year only requires two things. First, to be surrounded by family. Who are in turn, surrounded with good food and drink. From tangy Yee Sang to home made Lobak, from stir fried Gai Lan to fried Nian Gao, here’s several whiskies to gift and enjoy as you usher in the prosperous Year of the Pig.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Pioneering Cities Limited Edition

Specially designed by Rlon Wang for Malaysians, these bottles are adorned with auspicious images of the lion dance and notable Malaysian landmarks. A smoky, full flavoured whisky, pair the Blue Label with Chinese hot pot at RM951 for a 75cl bottle.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

With its shiny golden exterior, this festive pack also comes with a whisky flask. Enjoy its honey, butterscotch and vanilla notes with crispy roasted pork, at RM299 for a 70cl bottle.

John Walker & Sons XR 21 Ru Yi Pack

This aptly named “Ru Yi” (如意), is meant to represent power and good fortune. With a smooth, ever-lingering finish, this whisky maintains its signature sweet honey and tempered spices to complement steamed Rainbow Trout. Priced at RM499 for 75cl.

The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 Years Old

It’s good to have Malaysia’s number one single malt whisky by your side when catching up with friends and family. Structured but also light and floral, pair this with warm jicama and cabbage salad at RM285 for 70cl.


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