Holiday At The Kyoto Resort That Was Two Decades In The Planning

In the middle of historic Kyoto is the sacred mountain of Hidari Daimonji. And nestled at its emerald foothills is the Aman Kyoto. Carefully laid within a forgotten 80-acre garden, this new resort is ideal for guests who want to experience zen-like tranquility. Comprising 24 intimate rooms and a pair of two-bedroom villas, Aman Kyoto’s architecture pays homage to the minimalism of the Japanese Ryokan inn. You’ll find spacious, light-filled interiors crafted with tatami mat floors, tokonoma alcoves, ofuro bathtubs made from hinoki cypress, and floor-to-ceiling windows that will perfectly frame the beautiful scenery.

After you’ve reconnected with yourself, it’s only a short walk to the city’s famed Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) temple. Take your time exploring this former imperial capital, home to 17 Unesco World Heritage Sites. Later, wander through Gion, Kyoto’s geisha district or shop at the classy boutiques of Hanamikoji Street.

Upon your return, head over to the Dining Pavilion to savour Japanese haute cuisine featuring the finest hand-picked local produce. Or opt for home-cooked Kyoto obanzai style cuisine at the Living Pavilion with its central fireplace and ornate garden terrace beyond. Visitors may also enjoy afternoon tea and reserve bamboo picnic hampers for an al fresco experience in the forest glades.

With the finishing touches still being applied across the property, register your interest and be among the first guests when Aman Kyoto opens its doors in autumn in November. Or call +1 753 216 7830 for reservation options. Alternatively, you may email

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