Passport to 50 with DreamMaker

Marbella Street - Passport to 50

You no longer need 80 days to travel around the globe and view the best the world has to offer. Experiential travel consultancy, DreamMaker has designed a travel itinerary like no other. Together with 49 friends and family on board a privately outfitted Boeing 767, you’ll cover 20 cities in just 20 days. The price? An affordable US$13.875 million, which works out to just US$277,500 per person.

Called Passport to 50, the trip sees you covering over 50,000km in the air. And while the sheer amount of flying may put you off, the team has done the math: you’ll only be spending 12 per cent of your time in air. There won’t be any thumb twiddling either, for DreamMaker has organised a selection of sky-high activities such as a charity poker tournament with a top poker player, a yoga session and a fashion show. With a 1:1 staff to guest ratio, along with an in-flight hypnotherapist, not only will all your needs be met, but you’ll always arrive at each destination well rested and ready to explore.

The journey, which will take place in August this year, begins in Koh Samui and takes you through cities such as Agra, Cannes, Marrakech and El Nido, before concluding in Manila.

But even with the sheer abundance of adventure that’ll make this trip one you won’t forget, you won’t be leaving empty-handed. Each guest will get to bring home an 18k gold swizzle stick studded with white and blue diamonds.

Passport to 50

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