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Riva 1920’s Pop Art Pieces, Now Available At Xtra Furniture

RM300 to RM30,000
  • The coast of Lombary in northern Italy is famous for saffron risotto, international ski resorts and the cedar wood furniture of Riva 1920. Each table, stool or chair is as skilfully constructed as an artistic sculpture. Celebrated designers who have worked with the brand include Paolo Pininfarina, Riccardo Arbizzoni, Aldo Cibic, Franco Bizzozzero and Mario Botta.

    Enhance your Christmas gatherings this year with “giant” scale pop art pieces, from a bench shaped like a pencil sharpener to stools carved like overnight tote bags. Made completely from natural wood, all Riva 1920 products are hand-finished in natural wax and oil. This ensures each pieces matures individually, with cracks and changes in colour to uniquely  characterise your particular Riva furniture.

    For more, please call Xtra Furniture at +603  2282 9088

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