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Spring menu at Tivano, The Temple House, Chengdu

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  • The Temple House is proud to introduce Tivano’s new Spring menu that welcomes the upcoming summer. Bringing the best of Italian cuisines to life in dynamic and delicious ways, Tivano features an open kitchen with a vertical rotisserie, open grill and stone fired pizza oven, chefs add an element of theatre as they create authentic regionally-inspired Italian dishes.

    The latest items on TIVANO’s Spring menu were inspired by the nature – the new dishes were heavily decorated by fresh organic vegetables and seasonal ingredients. The highlights include: Antipasti Misti, Crema Fredda Di Barbabietole Con Pecorino, Pizza Di Montagna, Cotoletta Di Maiale Alla Milanese and Merluzzo In Polpa di Granchio.

    Antipasti Misti carries a collage of Italian’s nostalgic street foods: goat cheese Bresaola rolls, anchovy with capers stuffed mini peppers and assorted bruschettas. Crema Fredda Di Barbabietole Con Pecorino is made with the seasonal ingredient – beetroot – chilled and just right for the upcoming summer. Pecorino crumble gives this chilled beetroot soup more complex texture as well as flavour.

    The highlight of Pizza Di Montagna is its imported speck ham from the mountain of Northern Italy. Truffle cheese paste and artichokes on this pizza also reveal the classical Northern Italian cuisine style. Cotoletta Di Maiale Alla Milanese is a known dish from Milano, which is Spain-imported pork chop treated and prepared in Milanese style.

    Merluzzo In Polpa Di Granchio is baked codfish on spinach with crabmeat and colourful sweet peppers and assorted vegetables. The special sauce extracted from crabmeat and lobster bisque heightened the umami of codfish. House-made sauce with citrusy taste fits just right for the coming summer.  This dish is an abundant feast to the eyes as well as the palate.

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