Summer Dinner Menu at Mingles, Seoul

Ranked No. 11 on the latest Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list,  Mingles is the rising star of Seoul ‘mingles’ Korean with European influences. Since its opening in April 2014 in Seoul’s buzzy Cheongdam-dong district, Mingles has been wowing local and international diners with its fusion of eastern and western cuisine. Young Korean chef Mingoo Kang trained under Martin Berasategui in San Sebastian, Spain, and later enjoyed stints at Nobu in Miami and the Bahamas, where he took learnings that he would later apply to Korean food once back on home soil. For this summer, the restaurant has introduced its new seasonal menu, which includes:

Welcome Snacks
Seasonality – Seasonal seafood and vegetables from all over Korea

Summer – Summer clam carpaccio, Seasonal herb pesto, Summer Fruits
Abalone – Steamed abalone with dashima, Korean cabbage seon, and zepi broth
Jeju Island – Fresh seafood & Zucchini Flower from Jeju island
Fish Mandu – Mingles’ fish mandu that is reinterpreted Korean court food

Short Rib – Korean style braised short rib(Gal bi)
Lobster Lobster & Organic vegetable from ‘Junhyuk’s Farm’, ‘egg yolk-doenjang sauce +KRW15,000won or
Korean beef Charcoal grilled 1++Striploin with soy sauce +KRW20,000 won

Seasonal Vegetable & Fruits
Jang trio – ‘Doen-Jang’ creme brulee, ‘Gan-jang’ pecan, ‘Gochu-Jang’ blackrice, vanilla icecream, whisky Foam
Peach (Peachimi) – Peach & Dongchimi(Korean radish water kimchi) sorbet, poached peach compote, Vanilla meringgue
Tea, Fritz & Sweet Tea – Fritz coffee and Sweets

Additional Menu
Zucchini – Zucchini ‘Seon (Korean traditional way to steam vegetable)’, Zucchini consomme +KRW10,000
Jang noodle – Squid ink & seaweed jang sauce Seasonal seafood and mingles’s style pasta +KRW20,000
‘Myeolchi Guksu’ – Korean traditional anchovy broth & noodle Guksu +KRW10,000

Wine – 3 glasses +KRW75,000, 5 glasses +KRW110,000
Korean Traditional +KRW70,000
Signature Pairing +KRW140,000

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