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Turning snaps to shorts with Orlebar Brown

This summer, stand out from the beach crowd with a custom pair of swim trunks from Orlebar Brown. The cult-favorite British brand, which was founded by photographer Adam Brown in 2007, specialises in well-tailored swimwear that effortlessly transitions from poolside to après-swim outings, and is known for its bold photographic print designs – with past trunks featuring photographs by such big shots as Slim Aarons and aerial photographer Alex MacLean.

Now, thanks to Orlebar Brown’s new Design Your Own service, customers can memorialise their own photographs onto their swim shorts. Available through the new #SnapShorts app (downloadable via iTunes and Google Play) as well as in-store and online, the service (RM2,400) lets you choose the length and size of the swim trunks, then upload your own photograph, sketch, or pattern to convert into a print. You can adjust the image to your preference and preview the garment front and back before placing the order for your personalized swim shorts, which will be delivered in three weeks.

Orlebar Brown Snapshorts

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Published June 2, 2016