Astrological–inspired jewellery from Elie Top that’s top notch

Space landing

The name of Elie Top’s jewellery brand is Maison Elie Top and for his first collection, the Parisian designer has taken inspiration from the past. Astrological clocks from the 17th and 18th century, which combined tracing of the stars and constellations with timekeeping, were the basis for his debut 22-piece Mécaniques Célestes collection. 

Using traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge 3D technology, and a pedigree honed from stints at Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin, Top has created some stunning wonders. Which include a gold-and-silver ring with rotating discs that eventually reveal a diamond-studded globe. That sense of discovery and delight is echoed throughout the collection, with planetary and galactic spheres and discs spinning and revealing hidden elements. Pendants open and close, necklaces revolve, earrings swivel and at the very centre of this solar system is the man himself, Elie Top.

Maison Elie Top

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