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Tomas Veres and his amazingly luxurious combs

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For a fantastic follicle treat, consider Slovakian designer Tomas Veres’ new collection of hair combs. Titled Pantheon – a Greek word referencing a collective of gods – each comb is made in Italy by skilled artisans in black/white rhodium-plated sterling silver and solid 14K yellow/pink gold. To ensure that the precious combs stay pristine, Veres pairs them with beautiful ostrich leather cases in green, red or purple. Individually numbered, only 800 examples of the Pantheon collection have been produced. Each can be custom engraved, with the price of silver edition being €1,100 (RM5,150) and price of gold edition €9,000 (RM42,150). Possibly the most hedonistic way to sort out your side parting.

Tomas Veres Pantheon Collection

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Published December 24, 2016