The thrills of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia 2017 at Sepang

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When the Lamborghini Huracan was developed, the rear-wheel drive variant christened LP 620-2 was destined from the outset for racetracks all over the world. This was the first time in the Sant’Agata marque’s history that development took into consideration one-make competition, as the Super Trofeo series began towards the later half of the Gallardo’s life.

At Sepang recently, which is the first circuit on the calendar for the Asian edition of Super Trofeo, Robb Report Malaysia spoke to Lamborghini Motorsport chief Giorgio Sanna on customer racing and what it means for the bull brand.

“We have always huge interest from the customers in the racing program. This weekend alone we had about 50 customers coming to enjoy the environment, the race, take taxi rides for hot laps with us, and generally spend the day here.”

Before the lights turned green, most of the aforementioned Lamborghini customers participated in a car parade circling the recently redone surfaces of Sepang’s fifteen turns. The latest Lambos were present, as was a devilish red modern classic in the form of a Diablo. There must be, however, more than just the cars that attracts owners and prospects to a weekend at the track, and the answer lies in Lamborghini’s faithful commitment to its tricolour identity.

“We export here, and wherever we go, the Italian and Lamborghini lifestyle, from the food to the espresso and the overall atmosphere. These are all details which for us are important because its what customers expect from a brand such as ours.”

For those who attend, there is a cozy environment for some face time with the heads of various departments within Lamborghini.

“On the occasions that myself or R&D chief Maurizio Reggiani can personally attend these races with Asian series coordinator Cristiano Inverni, it’s an opportunity for the customers to be close to and really in contact with the company. The Super Trofeo is a chance for us to do some hospitality in the side events that we arrange, building relationships with customers and also prospects.”

Sanna’s personal experience with Lamborghini as a test driver has long been left since becoming head of motorsport. There is simply too much to do, what with the burgeoning popularity of global customer racing alongside other core activities of Lamborghini Squadra Corse such as the young drivers development programs or worldwide experience events under the Accademia banner.

“I focus exclusively on motorsport activities, as head of motorsport i have many responsibilities from the technical and commercial aspects but its clear. I’m still part of research and development, but more as a sort of asset for the company because of my background my experience is always at the disposal of the company.”

Heartening words, when a motorsport director’s input shapes the Lamborghini vehicles of tomorrow. “With Squadra Corse growing the way it is, we are company within a company. we are involved 360 degrees in the business and we take care of everything motorsport.”

The weekend ended with Clazzio Racing’s Malaysian ace Afiq Yazid taking pole with Artur Janosz of Lazarus Racing in second and Armaan Ebrahim of FFF Racing rounding off the podium. In the amateur class, Andrew Haryanto of X-One racing led Sarun and Saravut Sereethoranakul of PSC Motorsport in second and Top Speed Racing’s George Chou and Samson Chan in third. Lamborghini Cup class results placed Bill Ng of Tedco Racing in first followed by Gabriele Murroni of Petri Corse and Top Speed Racing’s Supachai Weeraborwornpong.

For Lamborghini’s community of customer drivers, the experience must be incredible. Turning up in a Huracan to the track, undoubtedly one of the world’s most accomplished exotic supercars, to themselves sliding into a seat for races in the same machine. Given the performance of the Super Trofeo cars — Yazid set a series lap record at 2:03.5 that very weekend — this is far from a mild racing program for those seeking a gentleman’s friendly and every bit as competitive as the Lamborghinis they own.


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