The Berluti Bomber Jacket is a wonder in your wardrobe

Berluti Bomber Jacket

Mimicking Militarism

If the conspicuous appearance of outerwear on fashion runways still hasn’t convinced you to see it as a wardrobe staple, perhaps the Berluti Bomber jacket could change your take on this. First seen on the runway at the Grand Palais in Paris in January, the bomber now takes centre stage in four charming styles that make use of leather, cashmere and velvet.

The Berluti Bomber collection is a sleek, polished version of military jackets that were originally meant to protect pilots from wind chill in half-enclosed cockpits. Portraying a military theme for the autumn-winter collection this year, the bomber is one of Berluti’s most exclusive statement pieces that strings together the holy trinity of the brand – high-quality fabric, conscientious attention to details and profound tailoring expertise.

The collection features a glossy lambskin style jacket bedecked with a rare removable shearling collar, ingeniously complemented with a crimson alligator undercollar.


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