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Sumptuous showers with the Hansgrohe Raindance E and RainSelect range

Simple and clean

When it comes to showering in style, there is one name that rises above all – Hansgrohe. And in its two latest ranges, the German marque once again sets the standard for shower room fittings, extending a pedigree that started way back in 1901.

First up, the Hansgrohe Raindance E shower range. Designed in collaboration with fellow German firm Phoenix Design, the brand describes this as ‘square, elegant and expressive.’ Well, it is certainly square (30x30cm to be exact) and its clean, linear design is certainly elegant. And the way it launches rainshowers of full, soft droplets is very expressive. That’s thanks to the improved Air Technology and spray jets arranged in a special way to completely envelope the body. The jets near the centre of the spray disc are closely positioned for a powerful burst, then begin spacing out towards the edge in a gentler caress that relaxes the shoulders and upper back. Available in two versions – wall-mounted with a shower arm or a flush ceiling installation – the Raindance E is equipped with water-saving EcoSmart technology, that’ll keep you clean while minimising wastage.

Combining perfectly with Hansgrohe’s elegant range of mixers and thermostats, the Raindance E merges particularly well with the new RainSelect control unit. Also developed with Phoenix Design, the all-in-one control unit is both intuitive and impressive, its long, sleek silhouette giving the wall a clean and uncluttered look. Exterior choices range from metal to glass, housed within a metal rim that frames the panel. The generously proportioned 70x70mm switches make control an uncluttered breeze, with two models available – one for shower areas and one for bathtub showers.

The Raindance E gives you contentment and the RainSelect gives you control. For those always in need of a long, languid shower to wash away all the stress and worry – and that is all of us – this is the ultimate Hansgrohe duo.


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Published July 9, 2017