These Aventho Headphones from Beyerdynamic Can Be Customised to Fit Your Ears

Aventho Headphones from Beyerdynamic tunes into your specific hearing needs

While no two ears are the same, headphones are usually designed with little regard for that diversity; it’s rare to find any customisation to accommodate an individual’s unique sense of hearing. However, the engineers at German audio manufacturer Beyerdynamic know that hearing varies greatly from person to person and even changes with age, which is why they equipped their Aventho Wireless with the ability to create a personalised aural profile based on data collected from a brief hearing test.

The Aventho headphones sound impressive right out of the box, but the company’s Make It Yours (MIY) app — available for Android and iOS devices — enhances the experience even further by analysing your personal sonic profile. After asking your age, the app plays a series of tones at varying pitches and volumes. You indicate which tones you hear by pressing a button on the screen. The whole process is quick and easy, and the difference is apparent immediately — with the headphones delivering richer and more nuanced sound.

Once your headphones have been customised, you can more fully appreciate their 10Hz to 40kHz frequency response — while listening to them for more than 30 hours on a single charge. When that’s exhausted, the included USB-C charging cable can juice them back up in just two hours. A simple touch interface on the right ear cup controls basic functions like volume, track skipping and taking phone calls with simple taps and swipes. When you’re done listening for the day, Aventho slips into a plush drawstring bag for storage.

The MIY app stores your personal data inside the headphones, so they can deliver the full benefits of your custom profile no matter what Bluetooth source they are paired with. The drawback, however, is that they can only store one profile at a time. So if someone else takes the test, the profile it generates will replace the previous one. Although, with headphones are glorious as this, who would want to share?


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