The Macallan’s Edition No. 4 is a Liquid Tribute to its New Speyside distillery

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Not content with the creation of one structural masterpiece – in other words, a shiny new distillery in Speyside worth an impressive £140 million (RM739 million) – the driving forces behind The Macallan have released the Edition No. 4. The latest addition to The Macallan’s Edition Series continues the brand’s innovative exploration of the whisky-making process, adding another chapter to the story of its exceptional oak casks and spirit.

A close-up of The Macallan Edition No. 4

Distinguished by an ABV of 48.4 percent and a natural colour of burnished copper, the Edition No. 4 (RM513) boasts a complex heart that draws on both the structure of the distillery and The Macallan’s art of the perfect cask selection. European oak sherry-seasoned casks from Tevasa, Jose y Miguel Martin, and Diego Martin Rosado have contributed to the whisky’s notes of orange zest, green cloves and wood spices, with American oak sherry-seasoned casks from Vasyma imparting traces of vanilla.

The Macallan’s newest whisky made its debut in Singapore earlier this year, where selected guests flocked to Infinite Studios, which featured a three-dimensional building model of the new distillery and a digital recreation of the Speyside landscape. A 15-metre screen carried the projection of a 360-degree video of the distillery (which stands near The Macallan’s iconicEaster Elchies estate), spiriting guests away to Scotland’s rugged countryside and immersing them in the brand’s rich heritage.

Beneath a hanging curved roof – an allusion to the distillery’s roof structure – and beside a dynamic aerial installation of Edition No. 4 bottles that rose and fell throughout the evening, guests tried their first dram of the sweet, oaky nectar. Emboldened by the whisky’s toffee apple and floral undertones, they also sampled an edible art installation created by the celebrated Singaporean pastry chef, Janice Wong. A thousand amber-coloured whisky gums were skewered on sticks and carefully placed in eclectic patterns over several panels, and at the rate they disappeared, they were almost as addictive as the Edition No. 4 itself.

The Macallan

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