Mercedes Launches Ballistic SUV Range

Take your pick of three amazing AMG 63 SUV models


Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is the reigning king of car launch gambits. On Sepang circuit’s main straight, complete with swooshing turbos and aggressive driving, several cars rushed up to greet an audience before vice president of passenger cars, Mark Raine, surprised onlookers by rolling out the back of a moving trailer in an AMG G63. Very Hollywoodian, very entertaining and exactly the tone that each new SUV aims to take.

Cameras were initially trained on the main actor, the imposing Mercedes AMG G63. With its 4-litre V8 bi-turbo producing 585bhp and 850Nm of torque, this two and a half ton vehicle announces your arrival like an oil-rich sheikh. And boy will you enjoy every moment of it. Given a stylish do-over with new headlamps and taillights, this ‘Godfather of SUVs’ is speed limited to 240 km/h (with the driver’s package) and will sit happily on your driveway for RM1,464,888.

The Mercedes AMG GLC 63S is likewise as mad an engineering project as it’s louder sibling, regardless of its subtler looks. If not for its Panamericana grill and an anorak’s eye for the exclusive badges, the Joneses next door would have no idea your SUV packs 510bhp and 700Nm of torque. Priced at a very sensible RM915,888, this car punches all the way to 270km/h if you’re late for the school run.

Last and certainly not least is the Mercedes AMG GLC 63S Coupe. Equipped with an AMG Performance exhaust system, the beautiful burble from its idle V8 will impress by-standers, whether they appreciate it or not. Both the GLC Coupe and GLC 63S will reach 100km/h in just 3.8 seconds but with three-chamber air suspension on adaptive dampers, these cars bridge the gap between cosseting luxury and high performance. So for the health of your vertebrae against needlessly stiff springs, opt for the GLC Coupe at RM933,888.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

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