Iketeru’s Chef Masami Is Serious About Taking Food To A New Level

From The Sea To Your PlaTe

Hilton Kuala Lumpur recently welcomed Masami Okamoto as its new Japanese Executive Chef at the award-winning Iketeru. Chef Masami is a native of Hokkaido, Japan’s northern most prefecture renowned for its exceptional seafood. So it comes as no surprise that Chef Masami politely refuses to serve anything other than the freshest ocean produce from his homeland.

Having travelled the globe and plied his craft in Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom and Indonesia, his only objective is to introduce diners to his heritage as if he were serving them in his own village. To this end, Chef Masami even taught himself conversational Bahasa Indonesia in order to share his passion at his previous locale in Jakarta.

To announce his tenure at Iketeru, Chef Masami and his team have curated an exclusive 8-course set menu. The meal will begin with sakidzuke – a classic Japanese appetizer. Featuring chilled Kyoto tofu garnished with tsubugai (whelk), seaweed and warishoyu (enhanced shoyu sauce), the dish prepares the palate for the sashimi course of salmon, tuna and shima aji (Japanese striped mackerel).

The mains are introduced through three separate dishes, each prepared in a unique style. The first is torizakana (traditionally served with sake), consisting of a Wakasa grilled red snapper, bamboo shoots, Japanese spikenard, Kinome herbs with miso, fava beans, shrimps, shishito, takowasabi (octopus flavoured wasabi), fried corn and fried fishcake.

The second dish features melt-in-mouth Wagyu beef served with daikon (Japanese white radish), mizuna (spider mustard) and thinly sliced Japanese green onions. The third dish is an oyster tempura with a serving of lemon sauce.

Guests will then be treated to an assortment of nokke sushi before a serving of miso soup with Asari red clams. The course is made complete with a toothsome portion of warabimochi, a chilled jelly-like mochi covered with a coat of sweet and nutty soybean powder drizzled with black honey.

Priced at RM460 nett per person, make your reservation by calling +603 2264 2264.

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