Cartier Shows Us There’s Still A Lot Of Romance In The Stars

A Star is Born

Expanding its universe with an imaginative exploration of the cosmos, Cartier’s limited edition Les Galaxies de Cartier collection ventures into unknown territory as design and craftsmanship, weightlessness and gravity, and reality and fantasy collide. An examination of four different themes connected through space – the alignment of the planets, fractal meteors, the Earth’s lights, and trembling stars – aims to defy the conventional laws of jewellery and add new dimensions to Cartier’s creativity and free expression. Present in the collection are allusions to the Milky Way with its solar systems and black holes, a view of the Earth from space at night, and the astrological phenomenon of planetary alignment.

Each piece in the collection (which ranges between EUR12,000 – EUR205,000 or RM55,095 – RM941,216) builds on new materials and allows its wearer to experience unprecedented visual, tactile, and sound sensations. Tahitian pearls roll across skin, fiery opals and blue sapphires emit quivering light, and mobile diamonds shift in Cartier’s serti vibrant, or trembling setting. The star of the show – a bracelet featuring an irregular mesh of square cones formed from pink gold, diamonds, moonstone, and milky quartz – infinitely diffracts light, reminding us of our origins from meteorites, asteroids, and stardust crystallised over several million years.


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