This Year’s Borneo Jazz Festival Is About Sharing Music And Heritage

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Mark your calendars because July is a month you would want to travel to Sarawak for the Borneo Jazz Festival. In its 14th edition, the festival will feature an amazing lineup of local and international artists as well as bands, DJs and a Jazz & Comedy feature from 19 to 21 July at Coco Cabana in Marina Bay, Miri.

“The Borneo Jazz Festival is intent on connecting audiences through music and celebrating the diverse and rich cultural
heritage of Sarawak,” says festival co-organiser Evelyn Hii, who is also the director and founder of No Black Tie Kuala Lumpur.

This year, there are more reasons to get all jazzed up about the event. Months ahead of the festival, programmes have been underway to find the next big act in the Bornean region. As part of an outreach initiative, the festival has organised a talent search to find emerging artists and show them the way to the limelight. And, as an extra, this year will feature a new DJ category where talents were judged based on style and musicality. Participants who make the cut will be given the opportunity to perform at the festival.

And they will be in stellar company too. Here are the performers scheduled to appear at this year’s Borneo Jazz Festival.

Borneo Jazz Festival

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