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Bina Warehouse And Luxury Kitchen Brand SieMatic Want To Make Your Kitchen Absolutely Stunning

The New Heart Of The Home

If there’s one thing that cooking and home design programmes have shown us, is that the kitchen is no longer a part of your home that’s kept away in its own nook. The new kitchen is one to be seen, and admired, by everyone who visits. A company that has been emphasising and pushing for the kitchen to be the heart of every home is Bina Warehouse. They have been saying so since they started way back in 1972. “It has always been our aspiration to create a one-stop luxury kitchen centre in Malaysia,” says K.S. Kok, director and co-founder of Bina Warehouse. Kok adds that the showroom will also provide more comprehensive help their customers. “We are confident that this kitchen gallery will become a very useful referral and resource for the luxury kitchen needs of Malaysia,” says Kok.

Bina Warehouse has recently opened their flagship showroom in Malaysia and has been appointed as the exclusive retail and distributor for SieMatic in this country. This partnership is an important one. German manufacturer SieMatic specialises in creating high-end kitchens with 800 outlets around the world. This showroom in Kuala Lumpur is their latest addition.

Many say that this collaboration is a long time coming as both Bina Warehouse and SieMatic share many of the same values. “SieMatic is one of the oldest kitchen brands in the world with the longest tradition. We are celebrating our 90th year anniversary this year, so we really have a certain experience and heritage with kitchens. We are also a family business, similar to Bina Warehouse, and our owners, the family Siekmann, is now in the third generation," says SieMatic Export Director Matthias Weiss.

In 1960, SieMatic gave their world the first handle-free kitchen. This award-winning design element soon became a standard for most kitchens around the world. The company, now celebrating 90 years in the business, hasn’t stopped making waves when it comes to design and has continued to create kitchens that puts aesthetics, individuality and functionality in the forefront.

And it isn’t just home kitchens that has been upgraded by SieMatic, high-end properties that have sought input from the company includes the Baccarat in New York, Ritz-Carlton Residences in Chicago and the Mayfair at St Kilda in Melbourne, Australia. Closer to home, Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur and 8 Conlay Residences have also benefited from the company’s designs.

At the launch of the showroom Bina Warehouse Kitchen Gallery, which spans an impressive 12,500 square feet of dedicated space for kitchen appliances and furnishings, guests were thrilled to be surrounded by the many design possibilities available as they feasted on fine-dining canapes provided by Nathalie Gourmet Studio and watched cooking demonstrations by chefs Stephan Zoisl and Nathalie Arbefeuille.

Also Marc Sporer, the German designer of the showroom, took guests on tours around three different kitchen sets to highlight the uniqueness of each design concept. The tours also showcased some of SieMatic’s award-winning innovations including the highly-customisable MultiMatic Interior Accessories System and the adaptable Aluminium Accessories for drawers.

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Published June 24, 2019