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The F8 Tributo Is Fast, Fun and Perhaps The Sexiest Ferrari Yet

A V8 Tribute

Every Ferrari launch is an occasion worthy of attention, but its mid-engined V8s inspire a special type of fervour. They are fast, fun, and the seductive layout transforms every trip into a track fantasy. The popular 488, originally released in 2015, has a replacement in the much-anticipated F8 Tributo (RM1,068,000 excluding duty and options), and Malaysia bore the distinction of the first South East Asian territory to host its official launch.

The F8 Tributo is one of the more aggressively sculpted Ferraris in recent memory; in particular, the distinctive triangular scallops of the side intakes are more acutely defined. The award-winning 3.9-litre turbocharged V8 is back, this time with a maximum output of 710bhp, making it the most powerful Ferrari V8 ever seen in a non-special series car. It will send the F8 Tributo from 0 to 100km/h in just 2.9 seconds, and turbo lag has gone from barely perceptible to practically zero. Other improvements include a weight reduction of 40kg over the preceding 488 GTB, improved aerodynamics, and the new version of the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer system will allow drivers to dance even closer to the limit of ambitious oversteer manoeuvres.

Admire the Ferrari F8 Tributo in all its glory in this gallery.




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Published June 25, 2019