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This MasterChef Finalist Was Fired Up By A 100 Year-Old Cognac Recipe

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Marcus Low the banker used to run the gamut of obligations, as required of any cog in the corporate machine. Marcus Low the dessert chef runs even harder, except with much more artistry, as you expect of men fortunate enough to find their calling.

Since his stint on MasterChef Asia and launching boutique café Mad Hatter Desserts, he’s collaborated on numerous culinary projects and built a reputation as the consummate artisan. But this partnership with Martell Cordon Bleu might just be his crowning jewel.

Featuring a combination of elixirs aged for a minimum of 10 years and with some eau-de-vie which is much older, this cognac doesn’t just come from one of France’s oldest banners. To distill the characteristic Cordon Bleu floral bouquet and its spicy, fruited notes, Martell’s tastemakers procure grapes mainly from the prestigious Borderies area – the tiniest acreage of cognac producing regions that also births the richest flavoured fruit.

Following a lengthy but necessary exploration period, Low has crafted a decadent two-course dessert to reveal Martell Cordon Bleu as you’ve never tasted. Guests will first be served the Le Cordon Bleu Petit Fours in this specific order:

  • an indulgent Chocolate Bon-Bon – featuring always freshly-whipped praline ganache
  • a voluptuous Calamansi Sour Sphere – housemade calamansi cognac sour, Belimbing Buluh and crystalised mango ginger
  • a crisp and creamy Coffee Cognac Tiramisu – housemade coffee cognac cream, crunchy coffee foam, chocolate shard and coffee glaze
  • an opulent Mushroom Macaron with cognac ganache – Kukur mushroom macaron, white chocolate and cognac ganache, cognac infused calamansi pate de fruit


Then, leave a little wide-eye wonder for Low’s coup de grâce – the Martell Bananas Foster: Fire and Ice. Featuring caramelized Pisang Nangka, rice wine steamed cake, honeyed banana and sauce made from Martell Cordon Bleu, Crème Fraiche and sprinkled with cognac frozen foam.

This exquisite dessert set is priced at RM60 nett, available only from July to August at Mad Hatter Desserts, Damansara Utama. While walk-ins are welcomed, advance bookings are encouraged at 012 370 4327 or


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Published July 2, 2019