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Armani/Deli At The Burj Khalifa Brings This Traditional Mediterranean Italian Meal To Dubai

Italian Essentials In Dubai

The Sardinian chefs of Armani/Deli at the Burj Khalifa are traditionalists, but in a good way. And in keeping with Italian custom, lunch or Pranzo, is regarded as the most important meal of the day. And so every Friday the restaurant hosts “Il Brunch Italiano", featuring freshly caught seafood from the Mediterranean, prime cuts of beef marinated in wild thyme, rosemary and myrtle, all done slowly and deliberately in the Sardinian way.

Begin by whetting your appetite on classic trattoria-style antipasti, delicately arranged in gleaming glass vitrines. Then move on to savour the crowd-pleasing risotto cooked on the perfect heat to produce that elusive fluffy-buttery texture. You’ll also find a cheese tasting room displaying brittle pecorino, sweet ricotta, and heady gorgonzola.

For added interest, walk up to the crudo bar and sample tuna, albacore, Hamachi, uni and scallops. With a crisp, citrus Riesling in hand, you’ll appreciate each morsel all the more. Wrap up this delicious lunch with that classic Italian digestive, a perfumed grappa. Or opt for vintage-style cocktails, muddled or spritzed to your specifications.

Whether you have an hour to strengthen a business relationship, or an extended afternoon to sup at leisure, Armani/Deli’s Il Brunch Italiano checks all the boxes. Priced at AED450 (about RM515) including alcoholic beverages, or AED310 (RM355) for a soft drinks-only luncheon (both ranges valid over a three-hour time limit), guests are welcomed to enjoy the best of Sardinian Italian cooking from 12.30pm to 5pm every Friday at the Armani/Deli.

Check out this gallery to see the very sleek interiors of Aramani/Deli at the Burj Khalifa.



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Published August 9, 2019