Taking Five: Lamborghini Owners of Malaysia Gather To Talk Whisky, Watches And Everything In Between

Speyside Reveals Another gem

When Ferrari told Ferruccio Lamborghini racing clutches were their speciality, and that the tractor-building industrialist’s suggestions were not required, Lamborghini knew his instincts were right on the ball. Perhaps this is what its like presenting a new product or idea to a group of self-made men; they discern everything in greater detail and suffer no wool over their eyes. Fortunately for a select group from Lamborghini Owners Malaysia, their night at the JW Firehouse at JW Marriott involved the only the latest and very best offerings from both Mortlach and Audemars Piguet.


The delicious, Umami-enriched whisky, is distilled precisely 2.81 times for a bold and intense experience. Three varieties were made available for sampling – the Wee Witchie 12-Year-Old, the Distiller’s Dram 16-year-old and the crowning glory in Cowie’s Blue Seal 20-year-old whisky. Perfectly complementing after-dinner cigars with its long and complex finish, the audience was then regaled by a representative of Audemars Piguet. Speaking briefly about the intricacy and flawless craftsmanship of a slew of new watches, guests were invited to try them on and review each up close.


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