Nespresso’s New Limited Edition Coffees Take Cues From Festive Nordic Moments

You know the holiday season draws close when Nespresso releases their year-end range of limited edition original coffees. This year, the coffee company draws inspiration from “indulgent Nordic moments”, introducing two new flavours – Nordic almond cake and cloudberry – and one new black.

The Nordic almond cake flavoured coffee is inspired by the traditional Norwegian cake Kvæfjordkake, featuring aromas of biscuit and vanilla on top of Nespresso’s Livanto base. The cloudberry variant marries the delicate tartness of cloudberries with the Livanto, creating a well rounded coffee with a jammy fruitiness and a hint of acidity.

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Coffee connoisseurs that prefer an americano can instead opt for Nordic black, an aromatic blend of African and South American Arabica beans. Elegant with sweet fruity notes, this new creation is a light bodied black coffee with a medium intensity that ends with a cereal aftertaste.


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