TSL Jewellery Recently Showed How The Right Piece Can Sweep Her Off Her Feet

“It’s the nature of females to love jewellery, right?” says Annie Yau-Tse, CEO of TSL Jewellery, with a knowing smile, looking over at her husband, Tommy Tse, Deputy CEO of TSL Jewellery. (He nods in agreement, as all wise husbands do.) The power couple behind one of Asia’s largest jewellers (it operates over 450 boutiques across Asia) swung by Malaysia for their exhibition at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, entitled TSL: The Expressions of Love Event.

Placing jewellery collections worth a whopping RM80 million on display, the event featured pieces that demonstrated TSL Jewellery’s expert touch in creating high jewellery, from the brand’s flagship Estelle diamond with its famous 100 facets to an iconic Bicycle diamond brooch. The rainbow-hued Rare Opal collection, with rare black opals from Australia’s Lightning Ridge, drew some of the most admiring glances, as did The Duchess – a vividly coloured pair of paraiba tourmaline and spinel earrings.

“At TSL, we don’t see ourselves as avant-garde trend creators. We do modern classics – because you can always reinterpret the classics,” explains Tse, who was born into the jewellery industry and maintains an instinctive, exploratory approach towards his family business. For Yau-Tse, who began working in the company after they were married, it’s the creative dynamic between wife and husband that provokes the most revelatory discussions.

“Tommy really comes up with a lot of good ideas – things I hadn’t thought of. He drives me to think of new things and how to make those concepts work: making jewellery moveable instead of stagnant, how certain forms work on a lady, and what fits women’s features, taste, and outlook. Everything around him can inspire him – he’s out of control, in that sense!” she laughs.

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