The Limited-Edition Johnnie Walker Ghost And Rare Whisky Is Based On Lost Distilleries

The Johnnie Walker Ghost and Rare series of blended whiskies has so far lived up to its name. ‘Rare’ is self-explanatory, while ‘ghost’ refers to whiskies from closed or demolished distilleries. For its third outing, the series looks to the Scottish Highlands which harbours memories of the long-lost distillery of Glenury Royal. It shuttered in 1985, an unfortunate end to a long and rather curious history. Its founding occurs in 1825 by one Captain Robert Barclay, a Member of the British Parliament who is recognised, intriguingly enough, as being the first man who walked a thousand miles in a thousand hours. A fire early on in its operation did not stop the distillery from being one of just three to be granted a royal title.

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The rich and bountiful orchard fruits characteristics of Glenury Royal’s exceptional remaining stocks form the core of this blend and are tempered by whiskies from two other ‘ghost’ distilleries; Cambus and Pittyvaich lend creamy toffee and butterscotch notes. Other rare whiskies from the Diageo portfolio bring vanilla, honey, and nutty chocolate layers to produce one of Johnnie Walker’s most indulgent outings yet. Johnnie Walker Ghost and Rare Glenury Royal (RM1,599) is released in individually numbered bottles, at 43.8% ABV.

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