What Happens When You Pair Martell’s Best Cognac With The Splendid Flavours From Sushi Shin

Since its inception in February this year, Johor Bahru’s Sushi Shin has earned plaudits for its phenomenal omakase presentations, as well as a waiting list which stretches for months. On a very special night, the restaurant held a private dinner for 14 guests who had the honour of pairing their delicious gastronomy with Martell’s pinnacle cognac, L’Or de Jean Martell (RM15,657 per bottle). The latter blends over 400 rare eaux de vies into a harmonious experience of fresh citrus, gingerbread and precious wood – with a philosophical touch of time. 

The evening began with canapes of toro tartare with caviar paired with Lillet, followed by Kampachi carpaccio with winter black truffle, Hokkaido oysters with ponzu jelly and a trio of sushi featuring the prized chutoro, toro and otoro cuts. A delicious Chateaubriand sando led to a scallop with foie gras which served as counterpoint to the new Martell XXO cognac. 

Then, for the night’s coup de grace, an A5 Matsusaka wagyu sirloin steak was presented, glistening with its decadent marbling. It was here where Jean-Baptiste Gourvil, Martell‘s Brand Ambassador provided guests with an insight into the complexity of the L’Or de Jean Martell cognac which is crafted from eaux-de-vie as old as a century. The result is a rich, elegant blend which offers aromas of vanilla, bergamot and orange peel, with cinnamon, cloves and myrrh, seguing into a palate of blackcurrant and gingerbread.

The Perfect Pairing

Photos: Samuel Yee

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