Kilian Paris Raises The Temperature With Its New Smoking Hot Fragrance

Kilian Paris is set to raise the temperature with their latest fragrance creation, Smoking Hot––a daring scent that ignites confidence and leaves a one-of-a-kind lasting impression. Founder Kilian Hennessy describes Smoking Hot as a tantalising caramelised delight that exuberantly celebrates unrestrained modernity. He emphasises that being hot knows no boundaries––it can be good, bad, or even an amplified version of our true selves.

In collaboration with perfumer Mathieu Nardin, Smoking Hot takes us on a sensory journey to the electric ambiance of European clubs and Eastern hookah lounges, where conventions and judgements fade into the background. The fragrance opens with an enticing blend of apple hookah and the warmth of cinnamon bark, gradually revealing the ultra-rare Kentucky tobacco absolute, seamlessly harmonised with the earthy notes of oakmoss. The scent reaches its apex with the rich, comforting embrace of bourbon vanilla, enriched by balsamic tonalities and orcanox, creating an irresistible allure.

With its distinctive approach, Smoking Hot redefines the landscape of contemporary perfumery, offering an unparalleled level of intensity for both men and women who dare to push the boundaries of fragrance. This scent promises to be your go-to companion in leaving an enduring and unforgettable trail wherever you go. It is a must-try olfactive adventure, encapsulated in a 50ml bottle, and is priced at RM1,475. It is now available online and at selected KENS Apothecary stores.

Kilian Paris

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