Molteni&C Unveils An Outdoor Collection That Showcases Italian Craftsmanship At Its Finest

At the Molteni&C by Stanzo showroom located in The Gardens Mall, a premiere of Molteni&C’s Outdoor and 2023 Collection was recently held. Boasting 89 years of industry excellence, Molteni&C stands among one of the best Italian designer furniture companies.

Molteni&C showroom in The Gardens Mall.

Upon arrival, guests were treated to flutes of Bisol Jeio Brut Prosecco before exploring the 2023 collection. Several highlights of the collection include the Aldgate bed by Rodolfo Dordoni, the Blevio dining table by Ignazio Gardella, the versatile Living Box entertainment unit by Vincent Van Duysen, and the multifunctional 505 UP System drawer units by Nicola Gallizia.

The new reveal of Molteni&C’s outdoor space.

The main attraction, however, centred around the reveal of the Outdoor Collection. Notable pieces featured were the Phoenix coffee table and a Palinfrasca set that included a sofa and an armchair. Yoong Low, general manager of Stanzo Collection, explained that the collection is crafted from teak wood from Indonesia, and boasts formidable durability befitting world-class outdoor furniture. Other key features of the Outdoor Collection include its resistance to sun exposure and water, as well as being insusceptible to seawater, thus making it perfect for both tropical climates and coastal homes. “It really brings you all the way back to Europe,” said Low, while also highlighting the fragrance of the Outdoor Collection’s natural wood, its textures and its workmanship.

Unveiling the Outdoor Collection.

Low also explained why it’s important to buy original furniture.“We’re really buying for the materials, and we pay for originality, the artwork and design production, and the research and development,” he said. “It really reflects the efforts done by the artisans at Molteni&C.” Massimiliano Merati, the Asia-Pacific Sales & Marketing Director of Molteni&C agreed: “Enjoy them, of course—use them, sit on them. To understand the value of the furniture, you need to sit on it,” Merati urged the guests.

Massimiliano Merati, Asia-Pacific Sales & Marketing Director of Molteni&C.

Between conversations and explorations of the new collections, guests were also invited to a wine-tasting session featuring a selection of Italian wines by 1855 Merchants, a fitting finale to end the night.

Wine tasting session by 1855 Merchants.


Photography: Marcus Wong

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