Power Individuals: Roberto Coin On His Resilience And Creating A Brighter Future Through Jewellery

The story of Roberto Coin’s ascent is one of artistry and audacity. In 1996, driven by an innate love for the worlds of art and fashion, he made the life-altering decision to leave behind a successful career in the hotel industry to embark on a new adventure. With Vicenza, the City of Gold, as his backdrop, Coin’s creativity took shape through the skilled hands of Italy’s most renowned jewellery artisans. His brand, known for its borderless imagination and romantic designs, has become a symbol of Italian craftsmanship and international creativity. His commitment to transparency in the use of raw materials and the production process sets a standard for ethical practices that the world now seeks to emulate. 

Coin’s tireless spirit is the driving force behind his brand’s success. He continually challenges himself to create more than 600 new models annually, ensuring that his jewellery satisfies the diverse needs of international markets. Each piece represents a journey through different cultures, multi-ethnic influences and the natural world, resulting in collections marked by an unmistakable identity. This relentless pursuit of excellence has not gone unnoticed. The fashion world acknowledges Coin as a trendsetter, with his creations gracing red-carpet events and worn by international celebrities and movie stars.

What sets him apart from other jewellers is a small ruby embedded within each of his creations. This signature, nestled in direct contact with the wearer’s skin, carries a message of good wishes that Coin dedicates to his loyal clientele, embodying the personal touch he brings to the art of jewellery making. 

The brand’s commitment to ethics and responsibility follows international treaties to ensure that materials are sourced from conflict-free origins and adhere to fundamental principles of social and environmental ethics. Coin dedicates himself to supporting charitable organisations, creating a brighter future through his creations. “We embarked on the path of traceability a quarter of a century ago when it was largely overlooked,” he says. “Today, the demand for traceability and a robust supply chain is universal. Over the past 25 years, we’ve been pioneers in establishing transparent supply chains for diamonds, gold and precious stones.” 

Coin’s philosophy extends beyond his jewellery creations. He approaches life with an implacable love for its beauty and an unyielding determination to face challenges. His life story—marked by personal loss when his parents died when he was very young—exemplifies his resilience and positivity. He stresses the significance of confronting life’s challenges directly. “I was born with a joyful disposition. I cherish life deeply. Like everyone, I encounter challenges and I want to emphasise that my challenges are no less formidable than others. The difference lies in how I perceive them. I confront these difficulties head-on, for if I don’t address them, they linger in my mind. By tackling one problem at a time, day by day, I avoid the burden of a cluttered mind filled with unresolved issues. To start my day, I find solace in the sight of my garden, a source of happiness. And as I retire for the night, once again, the beauty of my garden, with its blossoming flowers, brings me contentment.” 

Coin’s perspective goes well beyond the present as he values the wisdom of the past to sculpt a brighter future. His ardour for the contemporary era and the younger generation is equally strong as he crafts jewellery that caters to individuals of all ages, presenting a diverse range of price points. “An understanding of history is essential for crafting a better future as the past lays the foundation for what is to come,” Coin says. “It is crucial that we hold reverence for our history as we strive to shape a more positive world.” 

In a constantly evolving world, his dedication to staying well-informed is evident. He fully grasps the importance of staying cognisant of the competitive landscape and strategically situating his brand in diverse markets. “There are no shortcuts. Continual preparation is key to making sound decisions.” 

Just as the power of art can connect people and communities, Coin’s journey as a jewellery designer exemplifies how passion and ethical responsibility can elevate an entire industry. His creations are more than just ornaments. They are an extension of his philosophy, encapsulating his love for life, respect for others and a vision for a better, more beautiful world. 

“To embrace life, one must engage in meaningful work,” he states. “Is it challenging? Not in my perspective. Why should it be? Ensuring a positive environment is essential. I hold a deep affection for my family and I believe in equality. I choose to follow the path of intellect and have a profound understanding of the world of women.”

Roberto Coin

Illustrations by Tan Eng Huat

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