Experience Art In A New Light With McLaren Kuala Lumpur’s Augmented Reality Collaboration

ON A RECENT Wednesday afternoon, the McLaren Kuala Lumpur showroom hosted a remarkable artistic collaboration that defied convention. This groundbreaking event, titled Roaring Into The Future, was orchestrated by Nscape, a premier platform for fine arts in the Asia Pacific region. Distinguished contemporary artists, Jae Tee and Mitsuhiro Higuchi, joined forces with the unparalleled engineering excellence of the McLaren Artura. This union was rooted in the underlying themes of courage and bravery, attributes intrinsically linked to the McLaren brand, infusing the entire exhibition with spirit.

What set this event apart was the ingenious application of augmented reality (AR) that brought the artworks to life. Both artists harnessed the power of AR to craft a futuristic art exhibition that provided attendees with an interactive experience. An eclectic mix of McLaren enthusiasts and art connoisseurs were privy to this dynamic fusion during two exclusive viewing sessions. The event’s significance extended beyond the showroom’s confines as Nscape revealed its plans to auction the art pieces. This not only celebrated the spirit of artistic innovation but also offered an exclusive opportunity for art collectors to acquire one-of-a-kind pieces created by both Tee and Higuchi.

The event’s programme for the day was thoughtfully curated around a cocktail networking format, commencing with the arrival of guests in the early afternoon. It was then followed by a warm and welcoming speech delivered by the managing editor of Robb Report Malaysia, Eugene Phua. Shortly after, chief growth officer Christophe Vicic and executive officer Tony Lee of JLL Property Services (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd introduced One Clapham, the London-based project developed by Mount Anvil and located at Battersea SW11, highlighting its distinctive features and contributions to the collaborative effort.

Following JLL’s introduction, the chief community officer of Nscape, Chris Germaine, offered valuable insights into the platform. His words shed light on the collaborative strength of Nscape, connecting artists and collectors and serving as a dynamic catalyst for innovation within the world of art. With the stage set and the audience engaged, the event transitioned seamlessly to the artists themselves as they provided a

fascinating glimpse into their creative process. Heritouch Gallery also added its unique touch to this dynamic tapestry of creativity, further enriching the experience for attendees.

As the day unfolded, attendees were treated to a delectable array of canapes prepared by chef Andy Choy of Chateau Dionne. These culinary delights were complemented by a delightful selection of mocktails, coffee and tea. Networking continued throughout the event, with attendees indulging in a whisky-tasting experience at the Mortlach corner.


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