Chef Louis Anjos Introduced Spectacular Portuguese Flavours At Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur

It takes perfection in every nuance to acquire the culinary distinction of a Michelin star. Yet, achieving this accolade appears almost effortless for Chef Louis Anjos. In the mere span of six months after the opening of AL SUD, the Portuguese fine dining restaurant helmed by Chef Anjos at the Palmares Ocean Living and Golf Resort already attained its first Michelin Star. Prior to this, Chef Anjos honed his craft in some of the most distinguished restaurants in the world, including one-Michelin-starred Bon Bon in Carvoeiro, one-Michelin-starred Viajante in London, and the three-Michelin-starred Martín Bersategui in San Sebastian.

Squid dish by Chef Louis Anjos.

Hailing from Portugal, Chef Anjos recently lent his expertise to the kitchen of Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur’s Horizon Grill. The restaurant, situated on a roof terrace on the 58th floor, boasts breathtaking views of the Kuala Lumpur cityscape. Chef Anjos shared his passion for food through an exclusively curated menu, titled A Symphony of Flavours, incorporating his signature style with the cultural essence of Portuguese cuisine.

From the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal, a treasure trove of seafood was to be expected. Opening with a duo of Portuguese snacks—honey poori with prawn cream and potato espuma topped with octopus and green olive oil—resulted in a most enticing introduction to the evening.

Tuna dish by Chef Louis Anjos.

Taste buds now fully awakened, dinner proceeded with the exploration of tuna in two delectable ways: a thick slice of fatty tuna adorned with Imperial caviar and a fusion of tuna with oyster. To balance out the richness of the flavours, a refreshing cucumber sauce was expertly paired. Like with the previous dish, the cuttlefish course that followed showcased dual techniques—fried and grilled. Served on a bed of creamy peanut and black ink sauce, textures combined with nutty notes and briny flavours to deliver a contrast in taste that just came together beautifully.

Blue Lobster by Chef Louis Anjos.

The next dish featured Canadian lobster. Originating from the cold, pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Canadian lobsters are a highly sought-after delicacy renowned for its sweet, distinct taste developed from its cold-water habitat. Bathed in orange sauce with delicate potato noodles, the citrusy zest added vibrancy to the delicate sweetness of the lobster, creating a perfect harmony that mirrored its dynamic presentation.

Small bites by Chef Louis Anjos.

True Portuguese traditions call for a Caldeirada, a hearty fisherman’s stew that is often served family-style. Instead, Chef Anjos’ elevated take on this classic dish featured deconstructed elements of a poached barramundi sided with a plump mussel on sweet potato terrine. Although traditionally meant to meld together, this unique reimagination highlighted the distinct qualities of each ingredient expertly.

The shift from seafood to Wagyu A5 Tokushima was a twist of events that deviated from the expectations of Portuguese cuisine. Paired with wild mushroom, artichokes and truffles— ingredients rooted in Portuguese flavours—these components, while not the central focus, added depth to the indulgent Wagyu, enhancing its rich, buttery goodness.

Algarve Almond by Chef Louis Anjos.

A cherry chocolate pre-dessert that featured cherry jelly, chocolate mousse and cinnamon cream paved the way for a decadent banana mousse dessert that was next. Crafted to look like an actual banana, this dessert, accompanied by hazelnut ice cream, was reminiscent of a classic banana split that evoked a sweet sense of childhood nostalgia.

‘A Symphony of Flavours’ left guests with a lasting impression, but the artistic presentation was just a glimpse to the culinary prowess that Chef Anjos possesses. If you ever find yourself in the Algarve region, a visit to Chef Anjos’ gourmet haven is certainly worthy of a booking in your itinerary.

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