Rimowa’s Engineered For Life Campaign Chronicles A Rhythmic Journey Between Craftsmanship And Lifelong Companionship

Throughout the past century, Rimowa has established itself as one of the frontrunners in travel, by virtue of their enduring blueprint and workmanship in mobility solutions. The German luggage manufacturer is now bringing this ethos forward with its latest campaign, Engineered For Life—commending Rimowa’s heritage and the lasting companionship inherent in each of its creations. The campaign is centred on Rimowa’s classic Original suitcase collection—composed of high-grade aluminium with its recognisable grooves – and explores the affinity between discerning travellers and their treasured Rimowa suitcases set against the rhythmic track ‘Blue Monday’ by English rock band New Order.

Led by director duo rubberband., the Engineered For Life campaign commences with the journey of the cases starting from its factory in Cologne. It then documents their path to the owners who bear the physical imprints of their travels such as dents, scratches, and stickers. The short film also shines a light on Rimowa’s skilled technicians at their repair centres, highlighting the brand’s dedication to creating lifelong companions and upholding its lifetime guarantee. Accompanying this campaign film are visuals taken by photographers Sarah van Rij and David can der Leeuw, echoing Rimowa’s trademark design trait in real-life settings.

Emelie De Vitis, senior vice president of product and marketing at Rimowa, emphasises that each Rimowa suitcase represents the precision of German engineering and the collective perseverance of their community. “Together, we create cases that aren’t just built for life, they truly become a canvas for the continuing spirit of those who journey with us.”

Discover more about Rimowa’s Engineered For Life campaign and their Original suitcase collection on their official website.


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