Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza Brings Enticing New Additions To Its Menu

The vibrant Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza, located in Sunway Pyramid, is about as celebrated as Gordon Ramsay himself, thanks to its unique bottomless pizza offerings and laid-back diner atmosphere. This time around, the restaurant is stepping up with a bolder, more adventurous approach, expanding its menu to offer an even more diverse and enticing selection.

Alongside its groundbreaking concept of bottomless pizzas, Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza now offers à la carte options for those seeking to explore beyond endless slices. New innovative flavours are also introduced, with its ‘Next Level’ and ‘Londoner’ flavours. ‘Next Level’ truly takes things to the next level, with its double cream base, tender Cajun chicken thighs, and succulent veal, topped with a sweet hint of gula melaka (jaggery) and tamarind sauce. The ‘Londoner’, on the other hand, features a classic tomato base and creamy burrata cheese, putting a twist on the iconic Margherita with the addition of beef Nduja and imported salami.

Despite its name, Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza’s new menu serves more than just pizzas. Wings are always a winner, particularly the brand-new G.F.C (Golden Fried Chicken) tossed in creamy mayonnaise and Cholula hot sauce. Pasta lovers also have the choice of indulging in freshly made Beef Lasagna or Chicken and Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni. Complementing these indulgent cravings is the Smoked Chicken Salad, served with a refreshing blend of mango, avocado, and toasted pine nuts for a wholesome option.

If all that isn’t enough, there are also tempting new desserts such as the Sticky Toffee Pudding, served with vanilla ice cream, and the Tiramisu, a treat I can never resist. At the Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza, embrace the extraordinary because, here, it’s all about pizza without rules.

For dining reservations, call or Whatsapp +6019 685 0577 or email gr.streetpizza@sunwayhotels.com.

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Photography: Law Soo Phye

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