Habib Jewels Sets A Distinction With Their Classic Tennis Bracelets And One-Of-A-Kind Pieces

At Habib Jewels, staying ahead in the world of jewellery design involves monitoring industry movements, creative breakthroughs and consumer preferences. Habib Jewels’ group executive chairman, Dato’ Sri Meer Habib, explains: “Our team of skilled designers takes inspiration from multiple sources, which allows us to stay updated with the current trends and to execute them in our design process.” This approach is evident in their tennis bracelets and one-of-a-kind pieces, where statements of lucent diamonds and rare gems shine with distinct charm and versatility.

Dato’ Sri Meer Habib.

The enduring appeal and adaptability of tennis bracelets render them a classic and widely favoured choice. “Our tennis bracelets at Habib Jewels stand out due to the time-honoured craftsmanship we’ve perfected over our 66 years as a heritage brand. We pride ourselves on using high-quality stones in unique hues, cuts and shapes,” Meer says. Individuals inclined toward understated simplicity may leans towards a minimalistic diamond bracelet, such as their 2.59-carat mix-cut diamond bracelet (RM26,550), embellished with marquise, pear and round cut diamonds; or the 8.36-carat emerald cut diamond bracelet bedecked with 22 round cut diamonds (RM169,470).

Emerald-cut diamond bracelet.

For those seeking bracelets with added colour and personality, coloured gemstones present an enticing alternative to diamonds. Central to this range is the 11.42-carat blue topaz bracelet covered in 42 round cut diamonds (RM15,200) and the 1.05-carat brilliant cut diamond bracelet set in 18k yellow gold (RM8,080). “Each piece incorporates essential elements such as fluidity and clean lines, exuding effortless subtlety while enabling the brilliance of our gems to take centre stage,” Meer points out in Habib Jewels’ cultivated style and taste.

Blue topaz diamond bracelet.

Another integral hallmark of Habib Jewels is their unique and exclusive pieces, where customers can choose from a wide range of options that resonate with their individual styles and preferences. The composition of these creations involves meticulous quality checks of each precious stone in their intricate arrangement, which are attentively sourced from around the world. Commanding attention with its gentle pull is the 10.42-carat green sphene and 10.25-carat pink morganite necklace (RM323,158), sculpted in 18k gold in a halo of brilliant cut and oval-shaped diamonds.

Find out more about these exclusive pieces firsthand at Habib Jewels Showroom.

Habib Jewels

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