Estée Lauder Took Over Imperial Lexis KL Hotel And Offered Guests Their Best Sleep Ever With Their New Night Cream

What better way to promote a new night face cream than hosting your guests in a five-star hotel with a full collection of night-time products? Estée Lauder did exactly that to launch their new Revitalizing Supreme+ Night Power Bounce Creme (RM660 for 75ml).

During the sleepover, Estée Lauder branded the hotel’s entrance, lobby and rooms. Picture frames, pillowcases and towels had ‘Estée Lauder’ embroidered—which had me wondering if those rooms were specially designed for Estée Lauder customers. The bathroom was filled with Estée Lauder products such as their essence water, face mask, lip care, eye cream, and the new Revitalizing Supreme+ Night Power Bounce Crème.

The new night cream works hand-in-hand with our skin’s condition at nighttime when it enters repair mode. However, our skin’s natural collagen production peaks at night and the cream—crafted with the CollaNight-8TM technology—supports this natural rhythm to maximise the restorative process. It can also boost skin’s elasticity, reduce fine lines, and decrease the damaging enzyme collagenase.

The night cream is fashioned with eight ingredients—Moringa extract, Hibiscus-8 Fraction, Algae extract, Sigesbeckia extract, Vitamin E, and three types of collagen-boosting technology—to lift skins of all ages and genders. It’s also infused with a citrusy, floral scent like notes of Mandarin, Bergamot, Violet and Sandalwood for a more masculine vibe.

My skin—a dry and oily combination type–can get fussy with creams, but not this one from Estée Lauder. Despite the numerous ingredients, the cream stayed light and non-greasy, blending perfectly well with my skin. The quick-absorbing, non-sticky texture did not get in the way of a comfortable night’s sleep. Despite my acne scars and pigmentation, I woke up with a hydrated and more radiant skin tone.

Due to the cream’s light texture, I also tried it on as a day cream­—and it works magnificently. It’s reassuring to know that the Revitalizing Supreme+ Night Power Bounce Crème works wonders for men who don’t practice skincare product layering. For men with dry skin, using this cream both during the day and night will help take away those fine lines and aridity.

The Revitalizing Supreme+ Night Power Bounce Creme is available at all Estée Lauder stores, major international airports, and on the Estée Lauder website.

Estée Lauder

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