Augustinus Bader’s Spa Treatments Makes Its Asia Debut At One&Only Desaru Coast

Days spent lounging around a resort doing absolutely nothing sounds wonderfully relaxing, but it does seem a waste to go on a luxurious retreat without utilising the exceptional facilities on offer. Stunning pools and pristine beaches aside, nothing can really compare to the pleasures of One&Only Desaru Coast’s rejuvenated spa, elevated with its newly launched Augustinus Bader bespoke treatments.

“We are absolutely delighted to refresh our resort’s spa offering this year with a cult-brand like Augustinus Bader as our exclusive spa partner in Malaysia,” says Jerome Pichon, General Manager of One&Only Desaru Coast. “This collaboration will provide our discerning clientele access to the world-class expertise of Augustinus Bader, heightening the holistic wellness experience available at our resort.”

Although Augustinus Bader’s renowned products have long been available in Malaysia, its physical spa experiences have only ever been exclusive to London and New York, making the One&Only Desaru Coast as the first and only destination in Asia to feature its prestigious services.

The 300-year-old Banyan Tree stands tall as it greets guests at the One&Only Spa.

As you step into the spa, a majestic 300-year-old banyan tree extends a warm welcome, setting the scene for a serene and immersive experience. Browsing through the spa menu, you’ll find a range of Augustinus Bader’s treatments to consider, including a Facial, a Superior Deluxe Facial, an Eye Ritual, and a Body Ritual. After a long journey travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Desaru, the Body Ritual is the obvious choice for me.

Conducted by skilled therapists, the Body Ritual begins with a foot bath infused with jasmine flowers for calming and pandan leaves for gentle exfoliation. This is followed by a comprehensive full-body scrub to prep the skin before the therapist lathers on Augustinus Bader’s multi-award-winning Body Oil and Body Cream, enhanced with customised fascia and lymphatic techniques to not only treat muscle tensions but also target concerns such as stretch marks, cellulite and skin pigmentation.

The brand’s hero formulas are powered by Trigger Factor Complex 8 (TFC8), a key ingredient in every one of Augustinus Bader’s products. Adapted from Professor Augustinus Bader’s medical-grade Wound Gel—engineered to promote the natural self-healing of traumatic wounds, from diabetic ulcers to third-degree burns—this groundbreaking TFC8 activates cellular rejuvenation and the natural repair cycles of the skin.

Head over to the pavilion after a rejuvenating spa session to take in the scenic views with a pot of tea.

This means those suffering from skin conditions, such as I do with eczema, will find even greater benefits from these treatments beyond mere aesthetic purposes. From the short 90-minute Body Ritual alone, I find that my skin is a lot more soothed, the dullness a lot brighter, and wounds and scars noticeably healed. Imagine what these treatments can achieve with consistent sessions.

Feeling pampered and refreshed after the treatment, I head over to the pavilion to recline on the sun lounger. There, I indulge in some fruit and a warm cup of tea, while taking in the views of people golfing nearby and the sparkling sea ahead, before I eventually make my way to Ember Beach Club, where an indulgent lunch awaits me.

Those interested in this exclusive spa experience only need to make the journey to One&Only Desaru Coast. Those who wish to fully immerse in the experience of staying at the resort may explore the all-new Wellness Retreat room package, which allows guests the option of a 55-minute signature One&Only or Augustinus Bader treatment per person per night. Each suite also comes with a private 60-minute silat session. This unique martial art takes its cues from the native flora and fauna, a source of pride for the resort as it stands as the sole provider in Malaysia to offer this fascinating experience as one of its signature guest experiences.

Augustinus Bader

One&Only Desaru Coast

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