These Elite Bars Will Take You On A Journey Through Time With The Macallan By Reimagining The Boulevardier Cocktail

From its humble roots as two stills in a wooden outbuilding 1824 to its breathtaking £140 million state-of-the-art distillery home today, The Macallan’s name has become closely intertwined with the history of Scottish whisky and has become a tour de force in the spirit world due to its extraordinary single malt whiskies.

The luxury whisky brand prides itself on not only staying relevant but also continuing to revolutionise the industry due to its commitment to preserve and innovate. For those with a refined taste for Scotch, The Macallan commemorates its ‘200 Years Young’ anniversary with A Journey Through Time—a collaboration to honour their rich past, embrace the vibrant present, and guide the future.

Mixologist and cocktail at Backdoor Bodega.

From 1 June to 31 July, a handpicked group of premier bars across West Malaysia will allow enthusiasts to savour The Macallan’s Double Cask range in an innovative way. The classic Boulevardier cocktail—which employs whisky, sweet vermouth and Campari—will be reimagined by creative bartending minds into a flight of cocktails to give patrons a comprehensive taste without them having to commit to full-size cocktails. The Boulevardier symbolises elegance, refinement and innovation, and pays homage to classic flavours while embracing new contemporary twists. Each bar will create its own Past, Present and Future iterations of the cocktail to encourage enthusiasts to savour the now and indulge in nature in its purest form.

The select establishments include Astor Bar, Annabell KL, Remedy Cocktail Bar, Louie’s, and Reka:Bar in the Klang Valley. However at the Reka:Bar, the 19th-century Rob Roy cocktail will be offered instead of the Boulevardier. Over up north, Backdoor Bodega will represent Penang; while down south, Haiiro Usagi will be the must-visit haunt of Johor.

A Sip of the Past

Mixologist and cocktail at Astor Bar.

Generations of skill, craftsmanship and creativity passed down throughout the years is contained in each glorious bottle as a testament to its magnificent Past. The Macallan’s Double Cask range—comprising the 12 Years Old, 15 Years Old, 18 Years Old, and 30 Years Old editions in dazzling hues of gold—is noted for their prominent, unmistakable sweetness.

The rich flavours and hues of the Double Cask whiskies are attributed to the American and European oak sherry seasoned casks, a perfect partnership which creates a collection with extraordinary tasting notes of toffee and vanilla.

Savour the Present Moment

Mixologist and cocktail at Haiiro Usagi.

Double Casks whiskies are nurtured by its environment and are deeply rooted in the rich, fertile banks of the River Spey. The distillery is the guardian of the picturesque river that runs through its estate and is a source for their whisky production, which helps to create a clean and crisp flavour in the whisky. The mixologists have expertly woven the essence of the River Spey and The Macallan Estate botanicals into the cocktail creations, allowing those who drink and savour it to treasure the here and now.

A Glimpse into the Future

Mixologist and cocktail at Louie’s Bar.

With a rich legacy that is woven into the Speyside landscape, The Macallan is also committed to preserving the environment by going on a sustainability journey to net zero, including conserving River Spey and aiming for a truly sustainable distillation process. They also continue to keep their identity fresh by celebrating creativity with events such as Cirque du Soleil Spirit, a collaboration with the iconic contemporary circus. This desire to preserve and innovate is represented in each cocktail, and is a toast to more great things to come for The Macallan.

More photos of the mixologists

The Macallan

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