A tattoo retreat at The Siam Hotel, Bangkok

THB200,000 (RM24,500)

• A three-day stay at The Siam in Bangkok
• A full-body treatment at Opium Spa
• A private yoga session
• A private Muay Thai lesson
• A Sak Yant tattoo by renowned tattoo artist Arjan Boo
• A trip to the mystical Wat Bangpra where an abbot will bless the tattoo

Gift must be purchased by 31 March 2016

This is not just another tattoo – a Sak Yant is a sanctified symbol believed to have magical powers that can ward off evil, protect the bearer and bring good fortune. Created not with a tattoo gun but by piercing the skin repeatedly using a khem sak, a long metal spike, an authentic Sak Yant is drawn by only Buddhist monks and magic practitioners in Myanmar and Thailand.

While it is relatively easy to get one of these traditional, hand-etched tattoos for just a nominal donation at one of the temples in Thailand, many are usually concerned with the hygiene conditions at these locations. The Siam, one of Bangkok’s premiere luxury getaway destinations, has come up with the perfect solution.

Tattoo aficionados can now get inked by an arjan, or tattoo master, in the comforts of The Siam’s Opium Spa – perhaps a befitting name considering that many people have spoken of how addictive the pain of getting a tattoo can be – as part of a luxurious three-day getaway package.

The Sak Yant will be administered by Arjan Boo, a former monk who has gained critical acclaim with his ability to create highly refined and detailed tattoos. The experience comes to an end after a scenic road trip to the famous Wat Bangpra temple where an abbot completes the ritual by blessing the tattoo to “activate” its powers. Even if you’re not superstitious, a Sak Yant makes for a truly unique souvenir to take home from your travels.


A tattoo retreat at The Siam Hotel, Bangkok

THB200,000 (RM24,500)

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