Horse sculpture from Christofle

Unique horse sculpture from Christofle

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    H­orses are admired for their strength, agility and endurance. Among the most prized breeds is the Arabian horse, which has a distinctive head shape and high tail carriage. It is also celebrated for its liveliness, making it one of the most valued breeds in equestrian competitions.

    Christofle’s Arabian Prancing Horse is designed by sculptor Allison Hawkes, who has collaborated with the French silversmith since 2009. Cast in sterling silver, and requiring 25 man-hours of work to complete, the sleek and muscular stallion is depicted in a dynamic rearing position, a striking manifestation of the qualities for which the breed is lauded.

    The sculpture is presented on a brass stand with a black patina finish. Only 20 examples exist worldwide, with this particular piece being numbered 08/20.

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