Baccarat's Le Roi Soleil crystal chandelier

Baccarat’s Le Roi Soleil crystal chandelier

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    Baccarat’s Zenith crystal chandelier has been around since the early 19th century. In its contemporary guise, the iconic light fixture has been given updates from every designer of note, from Philippe Starck to Jaime Hayon and now, Marcel Wanders.

    Wanders’ reinterpretation is called Le Roi Soleil in honour of France’s Sun King Louis XIV. In redesigning the contours and softening the angles, Wanders stretched and distorted the branches tassels and octagons in order to create the perfect sphere.

    The crystal shades are adorned with cut motifs inclined to embrace the curves of the fixture and reflect or refract the optimum amount of light. The made-to-order chandelier comes in two sizes, with either 24 or 40 lights.

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